Saturday, January 15, 2011

28mm Allen Apsley's Regiment of Foote

Breaking away from Napoleonics for a bit. We recently moved and so the past few months have been spent slowly unpacking stuff that has been squirreled away in boxes for years. Anyway, here's an old chestnut from the lead archive. A regiment of ECW foot composed of Redoubt castings which I painted, cripes, oh I dunno, at least ten years ago. I dusted them off, touched them up a bit and thought I'd post a few shots for those who might find them interesting.

If I recall correctly this is Allen Apsley's Regiment of Foote (composed of Royalists from Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall). These castings are listed as 28mm but are really closer to 33-35mm. They're kinda anachronistic and quirky, but I'm quite fond of them. I've always enjoyed the look of the 'hedge' of pikes, intermixed with loads of company banners, along with the flanking sleeves of shot (now that I look at the pic I see a few wandering Scots in there as well). Years ago I acquired a boatload of Redoubt stuff in an ebay auction and it has remained on the sidelines as one of those distant 'retirement projects'. Seeing this stuff again makes me want to get a few more units done... I'll put up a few more shots of other ECW stuff in the coming days (as I get it sorted and put in the display case).



  1. A very nicely done unit, and I like the Scottish style house in the background.

    Good to see your older archive stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for Warlords Pike & Shotte and get these guys dusted off again! ;-)

    Best, Scott

  2. Thanks for the visit Scott - good for the Old Lads to get some favourable press!

    Will definitely pick up Pike and Shotte and give it a go.